(Released!) FSimStudios announces “premium” Toronto Billy Bishop Airport for MSFS

Update: Released! Toronto Billy Bishop Airport from FSimStudios is now available for MSFS, priced at US$15.02 | €13,78 | £11.50. See the original announcement below for more details.

FSimStudios has revealed an exciting new “Premium” product line for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The talented team of developers will now offer some airports in particularly high detail, starting with Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport (CYTZ). This upcoming airport, currently estimated to be out within the next couple of weeks, will feature an ultra-detailed scenery and several landmarks in the city.

FSimStudios is looking to offer a new selection of highly-detailed airports, which they claim to be “far superior in quality” when compared to the studio’s previous releases. These new Premium airports will include many more features, highly realistic textures and models, and particularly high attention to detail and accuracy. This will also mean that the interiors of the airports will also be modeled.

Billy Bishop Airport (CYTZ) was chosen to be the first Premium airport due to its history as FSimStudios first Canadian airport, introduced back in 2015. It will soon come to MSFS with the aforementioned ultra-realistic modeling and a selection of Toronto landmarks, including the Downtown. FSimStudios will only be including the most famous landmarks for now, but more are expected to be added in future updates.

FsimStudios Toronto Billy Bishop airport cytz msfs 3

FsimStudios Toronto Billy Bishop airport cytz msfs 2

While CYTZ will be the first showcase of this new product series, FSimStudios already has a few choices for the ones to follow. Calgary Airport (CYYC), which has been in development for a while, has also been selected as a future Premium airport, and the team has also decided that Victoria International Airport (CYYJ) will receive the same treatment later this year. Again, all of these products will come with a number of landmarks beyond the airport, which is certainly helpful in terms of immersion and what you get with a single purchase.

For now, FSimStudios didn’t reveal any pricing details, but it’s safe to say that these will be a step-up in terms of cost when compared with the team’s “standard” sceneries. For example, both London International Airport (CYXU) and Halifax Stanfield International Airport (CYHZ) are available for under $20 USD. With Billy Bishop Airport now just around the corner, we will soon find out!