France VFR Nord-Ouest MSFS adds more than 30 bespoke airports to Northwestern France

France VFR is back with another very impressive package specially designed for VFR pilots in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team has specialized in creating scenery for its home country of France, and after the release of a collection of 23 airports in the Paris region, France VFR has now turned to the northwest of France, with a collection of 31 detailed airports and thousands of VFR-friendly objects and landmarks.

It’s not often that we see a development team completely focused on continuously improving the virtual flying experience in a specific country. France VFR is a very good example of this, for the joy of French pilots or anyone looking to visit this beautiful European country. Besides the aforementioned airports in the Paris region, France VFR has also released VFR Obstacles & Landmarks for Flight Simulator, an impressive collection of 500.000 objects and landmarks that greatly improve VFR flights in the country.

At the start of this new year, France VFR has then returned with a new product, another comprehensive addition to the French scenery in MSFS. Dedicated to the Northwest region of France, this package includes 31 realistic airports and airfields, with detailed textures and ground markings, static flying club aircraft, and many animations.

France vfr northwest msfs 5

France vfr northwest msfs 4

France vfr northwest msfs 2

France vfr northwest msfs 1

In addition to the large collections of bespoke airports, France VFR also added a huge number of VFR landmarks to be used as a reference when navigating across the region. These include around 400 structures referenced by SIA, the Services for Aeronautical Information, but also around 60 lighthouses and thousands of additional objects and landmarks such as antennas, castles, water towers, churches, wind turbines, greenhouses, and more. There are even 13.000 traffic signs that have been added to the entire road network!

The end result should be a significantly more detailed scenery in Northwestern France, perfect for low and slow pilots navigating under visual flight rules, or just looking to do some sightseeing.

France VFR Nord-Ouest MSFS is now available for €39.90.


  • 31 detailed or semi-detailed airports and aerodromes in the Northwest region.
  • Detailed textures and floor markings.
  • Static flying club aircraft on all platforms.
  • Animations and many details on most platforms.
  • Vegetation reworked on each platform and its surroundings.
  • Realistic night lights reworked.
  • High-resolution photorealistic ground zones reworked on 9 platforms including the main surrounding military areas (Angers, Belle-Ile, Dinard, Evreux, Landivisiau, Le Havre, Lorient, Saint-Nazaire and Vannes).
  • Main obstacles and VFR benchmarks referenced by the SIA (about 400 objects).
  • Main lighthouses and beacons (about 60 objects), including about 30 extremely detailed lighthouses.
  • Many remarkable objects (5,200 antennas, 6,400 castles, 2,400 water towers, 7,200 churches, 1,700 wind turbines, 5,400 industrial reservoirs, 15,800 greenhouses, 440 high-voltage transformers, 3,300 silos and agricultural reservoirs, 150 tile cabins…).
  • Traffic signs (about 13,000 signs) on the entire main road network.
  • Railway catenaries near airport platforms
  • Modeled campsites near airport-port platforms.
  • Coastal and main rivers partially cleaned of their excess vegetation.
  • High-voltage railway and electrical network cleaned of their excess vegetation.
  • Autonomous operation or in addition to our range of commercial airports.
  • Geo-referenced setting ensuring maximum compatibility with future add-ons installed on the same area.
  • Development process 100% compliant with the specifications of the SDK, thus ensuring maximum compatibility when new versions arrive.
  • · AIS – VAC – IAC – APT – ARRDEP cards provided.