Randazzo turns to poetry in the latest PMDG 737 development update

We’re used to seeing PMDG Robert Randazzo go into long prose with the latest news from the team. This Christmas, PMDG’s boss decided to change things up a bit, risking into poetry territory while letting us know all about the latest developments in the ongoing work to bring the Boeing 737 to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

As usual speaking in the official PMDG’s forums, Randazzo talks about many of the features already implemented and working in the 737 for MSFS. Instead of writing long paragraphs about this development, Randazzo writes some precious verses such as “Panel flood lighting floods and annunciators flash.
The TCAS ain’t yet working, so maintain visual on that Dash.
” Ah! And my personal favorite, “So things are progressing, in spite of knee knockers. Performance is fast, even if you aren’t an over-clocker.

The entire thing is just lovely, fun, and actually informative! Somehow, PMDG’s boss managed to say a whole lot more in poetry than he usually does in prose. Read below the whole piece, which is also available on PMDG’s forum:

T’was the Night Before Christmas…


…But this would go seriously wrong.
Because we all know I can’t rhyme, or write out in song.
My post must be well crafted and worded with care.
Because some bloke from Australia will just tell me its already Christmas over there.

We’d much prefer to give you a preview, you see.
Of the work we’ve been doing on our new Seven Three.
Backlighting’s installed and more tweaking we’ve done.
The dimmers now work which just makes it more fun.

The flap handle moves and it clacks and it clatters.
The stick shaker shakes so you know something’s the matter.
The flaps you can set to your every whims
the trimwheel will rattle and grind while it spins.

Panel flood lighting floods and annunciators flash.
The TCAS ain’t yet working, so maintain visual on that Dash.
The non-reflective coating is on the screens with great care
So you won’t have problems reading the screens through a glare.

Autobrake works but is still subject to tweeking,
for proper acceleration gives you the brake distance you are seeking.
The FMC is running and draws a nice magenta line.
Follow the Flight Director and you should do just fine.

You’ll have options by the hundreds you can choose with a click,
Along with ground maintenance support In case a valve it should stick.
The Ground Ops is there, just like in P3D
with Lav Trucks and Cleaners, chocks, belt loaders, or even AC.

EGPWS is griping about flaps, gear and terrain,
Nav display shows it like a green, yellow and red stain.
The same screen will give you a nice VSD.
STARs are easier to plan when the profile you can see.

So things are progressing, in spite of knee knockers.
Performance is fast, even if you aren’t an over-clocker.
Each week I think “Ah! I shall shoot something for YouTube!”
Then my schedule explodes which makes for a bad mood.

We still have components to wire into place. 
But we are sure when see, this will put a smile on your face.
We are taking a few days off, but soon this bird shall take flight.
For now Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good DC-6 flight.

On a more serious note, Randazzo shared some new preview images of the stunning night lighting that is being implemented in the 737’s flight deck. PMDG wants this cockpit to look authentic in any lighting condition, so the ambiance at night needs to be nailed exactly right. This appears to be the case, with these new images conveying a very real mood in the cockpit.

PMDG 737 MSFS night lighting 2

PMDG 737 MSFS night lighting 1

Furthermore, the team is now implementing several pre-configured states that you will be able to load into as you please, such as parked on the ramp, taxiing onto the runway, climbout, cruise, descent, approach, etc.

There are a few more interesting details to learn about, such as the terrain awareness capability in the NAV display, which should also pave the way for a quick implementation of weather radar display, once Asobo decides to allow developers access to this data.

As for the release plan, we know that an estimate has been put on hold recently due to some underlying concerns with a specific set of requirements that need Asobo’s direct input. So, while development continues, PMDG is no longer giving an estimate for the release date until those questions are out of the way. Still, the plan is to release the 737 both on PC and Xbox, directly through PMDG and in the Marketplace as well.

As usual, we will share with you any forthcoming information about the actual release plans for the PMDG 737 for MSFS.