Check the beautiful night lighting in Just Flight’s upcoming BAe 146 Professional for MSFS

After months of secretive work, Just Flight is now fully open to providing sneak-peeks into the ongoing development of its exciting BAe 146 jetliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Development updates are now regular and give us a detailed glimpse into the current state of things, and also get everyone hyped for what is looking to be another striking airplane simulation from Just Flight.

Earlier this month we saw an incredible new set of shots of the very detailed exterior model of the BAe 146. They focused on the 146-100 variant, which is already complete on the outside model, textures, and animations. Work has now progressed more intensely to the flight deck, as the team implements the extensive and detailed systems that will bring this British quad-jet to life in MSFS.

It’s this work on the interior that Just Flight is sharing with us today, which is likely to be the last update on the development of 146 before the end of the year. The developers shared a new collection of images, this time all in a nighttime environment, showing the extensive lighting options that are available on the 146, both in the cockpit and in the exterior as well.

Just Flight BAe 146 Professional MSFS 1

Just Flight BAe 146 Professional MSFS 2

Just Flight BAe 146 Professional MSFS 3

Just Flight BAe 146 Professional MSFS 4

Just Flight BAe 146 Professional MSFS 5

Just Flight BAe 146 Professional MSFS 6

Just Flight BAe 146 Professional MSFS 7

Future virtual pilots of the BAe 146 will be met with a wide variety of lighting options, which are fully functional in MSFS and accurately replicate the real-world aircraft in this regard. The Captain and First Officer, for example, have dimmable and independent instrument and flood lighting, hundreds of annunciators, dome lighting, and more. The wide variety of lighting options will enable pilots to set up just the right configuration for each of the stages of flight.

On the outside, the variety of realistic lights is also nearly finished. These include all the usual requirements such as landing, taxi, strobe, or navigation lights, available in high or low intensity, and also some nice complimentary lighting on the wings, logo and cabin.

With these latest updates, it appears Just Flight is moving ahead at a brisk pace with the development of the BAe 146 for MSFS. Naturally, a huge amount of work is expected to be dedicated to the systems, which are the real heart of the whole thing. We have no reason to be afraid here, considering Just Flight’s tremendous recent successes with the Hawk T1/A and the Arrows, which have proved to be some of the finest airplanes to reach the platform yet.

As usual, we will continue to report every meaningful development update of the BAe 146 Professional for MSFS. Just Flight promises to soon release a video showing the various aspects of the 146 lighting, so stay tuned!