Terrainy Studios shares new images and details about its Van’s RV-8 for MSFS

After the initial announcement to bring the Van’s RV-8 to MSFS, Terrainy Studios got busy with the beta stage of development of the aircraft, while also working on some sceneries like Hausen am Albis Airport. Now, a few months later, we finally got some news about the RV-8, which is now nearing the final stages of its beta.

As the development of this aircraft approaches the finishing line, Terrainy Studios promises to issue more regular updates and previews and about what to expect. This started this week, with the developers sharing on Facebook some details about the external model and static elements, and how these will directly affect your experience flying the aircraft.

Terrainy Studios says that the RV-8’s external static elements won’t just be cosmetic features of the product. They will actually have a function and will need to be carefully considered before each flight. For instance, there may be undesirable consequences if you leave the pitot cover on… and if you need to check the fuel, you’ll be able to do so by opening the fuel cap. Cool!

Terrainy Studios Vans RV 8 MSFS 4

Terrainy Studios Vans RV 8 MSFS 3

Terrainy Studios Vans RV 8 MSFS 2

Terrainy Studios Vans RV 8 MSFS 1

Terrainy Studios Vans RV 8 MSFS 6

Terrainy Studios shared some new previews images of the external model, with some particular attention of the aforementioned static elements. Furthermore, we also got some shots of the beautiful instrument panel, a classic steam-gauge version that the develoeprs claim to accurately represent the real-world aircraft. A “simple autopilot” will also be included to help on longer flights.

It’s unclear at this point if Terrainy Studios will also offer a glass-cockpit option with its RV-8, but they’ve said before that the RV-8 will come with two gear configurations, the standard taildragger setup and also a tricycle gear.

The Van’s RV-8 is a popular homebuilt aircraft, offering a fighter jet style tandem two-seat configuration. It’s a aerobatic-capable machine that climbs well, moves fast, and lands slow, which should give simmers some great opportunities for fun flights in MSFS. Let’s hope it comes out soon, so keep an eye out for further updates!

Terrainy Studios Vans RV 8 MSFS 10

Terrainy Studios Vans RV 8 MSFS 9

Terrainy Studios Vans RV 8 MSFS 8

Terrainy Studios Vans RV 8 MSFS 7