The Boeing 247D from Wing42 may be out for MSFS before Christmas

Wing42 has been slow with development and progress updates of new projects since the release of the Blériot XI almost a year ago. Of the two known projects, the Lockheed Vega and the Boeing 247D, only the latter appears to be getting the attention from the developer but, at long last, it seems we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This week, Wing42 shared some good news about this project and a series of stunning new images of this breakthrough airplane.

The last time we heard from Wing42, Otmar Nitsche shared his struggles to accurately recreate the 247D’s cockpit, due to the little availability of images of the airplane’s interior. After he managed to overcome that difficulty, the beautiful modeling work of the aircraft was finally nearly completed, and the developer was able to focus on the systems and flight model.

These advancements are now coming to fruition, as Otmar tells us that the modeling is about 99% done, with just a few minor things to do such as implementing better windows and icing effects. Animations are also almost done, but the most interesting developments are coming from the flight model. As we reported before, the Boeing 247D will feature Wing42’s custom ”Prop-o-Tronic” physics engine for a more realistic simulation of the aircraft’s systems.

Wing42 Boeing 247D MSFS 7

Wing42 Boeing 247D MSFS 6

Wing42 Boeing 247D MSFS 5

Wing42 Boeing 247D MSFS 4

Wing42 Boeing 247D MSFS 3

Wing42 Boeing 247D MSFS 1

“Prop-o-Tronic” was initially planned to be an additional add-on, to be introduced in the package after an initial base model had been released. Now, Wing42 is looking to already include some of the features enabled by this custom physics engine at launch, looking to improve it over time as the product matures.

Alongside this promising development update, Otmar also shared some absolutely gorgeous preview shots of the 247D in MSFS. The model is truly looking very impressive, a clear work of passion from the developer. In the images, we also get an idea of some of the cool features to be included, such as the payload, weight and balance manager, which is recreated in sheets of paper for a very retro and immersive look, or the damaged propellers when landing without landing gear.

Clearly, Wing42 is nearing the competition of this exciting vintage airplane. So, when is this all coming out for the community to enjoy? Well, Otmar seems somewhat confident that a release this year, before Christmas, is still possible, but he also warns that there are still some things left to do. In any case, more than a year after we first heard of this project, it’s great to finally see it reaching the finish line, and it’s doing so with auspicious signs!