New details about the Reno Air Races expansion for MSFS – every plane is unique, new effects, and more

Earlier this week we learned that the Reno Air Races expansion was coming to MSFS on November 18th, and it will include a staggering number of new airplanes: 40 in total. A few days later, we now have some additional information about this DLC and there’s a bunch of exciting stuff to tell you about!

The latest Live Developer Q&A, streamed yesterday on the official MSFS Twitch account, was rich in details about a lot of upcoming content for Microsoft Flight Simulator. A good section of the stream was dedicated to the Reno expansion, where the team extensively detailed how it will work and answered some of the most common community questions from the last couple of days.

First of all, some additional information about the 40 new airplanes. As we knew already, there are 4 classes of airplanes represented in the expansion, with 10 models for each class. So, the entire collection will feature 10 North American P-51 Mustangs, 10 North American T-6 Texans, 10 Aero L-39 Albatros’, and 10 Aviat Pitts Special S1S. The interesting thing here is that we’re not looking at just 10 different liveries for each airplane. In fact, each model is quite unique, highly customized both in the real-world races and for MSFS as well. Not only do they all look different both inside and out, with highly modified parts and instrument panels, but they also perform quite differently!

The Reno Air Races expansion will be available in two packs. The entry package will include just 4 airplanes, one for each class, and will cost $19.99. To get the full 40-plane collection you will have to shell out $59.99 but, and this is important new information, you will also be able to get a specific class of airplanes (10 models in total) for $30. Additionally, each airplane will also be available as a single purchase at $10. This means that you can, for example, buy the base expansion pack, and then buy just your favorite additional model. So, there are several upgrade paths from the base, $19.99 package.

MSFS Reno Air Races Expansion 6

MSFS Reno Air Races Expansion 4

MSFS Reno Air Races Expansion 3

MSFS Reno Air Races Expansion 2

MSFS Reno Air Races Expansion 1

MSFS Reno Air Races Expansion 7

The MSFS team also revealed that you will be able to see every airplane model in multiplayer, even if you don’t own that particular one. Naturally, every Reno airplane that you purchase will also be available to fly anywhere else in the world, just like any other normal add-on aircraft.

Besides the collection of racing airplanes, this expansion will also bring a completely revamped scenery for Reno and its surroundings. The Reno Stead Airport (KRTS) has been completely rebuilt from the ground to include all the unique racing scenery of the event, with the stands, huge crowds of people, racing-related clutter, pylons, and much more. The scenery at the horizon will also be improved, with more detailed terrain and mountains.

The MSFS team also showcased how this will all work. They are looking to recreate the experience of the Reno Air Races in a very comprehensive way, and the simulator will explain all the rules. The actual race will happen after an initial qualifying lap, and every player is a real person flying his or her aircraft of choice, with no Ai players in between. In the end, a nicely detailed score system will be displayed.

An interesting tidbit is that, in quick match mode, every airplane will have the same performance specs, for a more balanced competition. But in time-trial or free flight each plane will use each individual flight characteristics. Common to the whole experience will be the new effects such as dust clouds when flying close to the ground, G-force induced blackouts and audible heavy-breathing from the pilot under all this stress.

Overall, this is looking to be a thrilling new addition to Microsoft Flight Simulator, a totally unique and rich experience. It’s now coming in less than a month, so it won’t take long for simmers to have the opportunity to race each other in Reno and replicate the exciting real-world event!