Aerosoft reveals CRJ 900/1000 pricing, “in the holding awaiting clearance”

A short update today regarding the long-awaited 900/1000 upgrade for the Aerosoft CRJ, which was originally released in its shorter variants earlier this year. These stretched versions are taking a somewhat surprising long time to be released, after initially being planned for “a few weeks” after the initial release of the 550/700 variants. However, there is promising news this week, with the announcement of the upgrade price for these new versions of the aircraft, a heartening sign that a release may happen soon.

In a short update on Aerosoft’s forums, Mathijs Kok listed the soon-to-be-available options to buy the CRJ Series for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Existing owners of the CRJ 550/700 will be able to buy the 900/1000 package for just 16,80€, definitely a compelling price for two new models of the airliner.

For first-time buyers of the CRJ, the current base pack (550/700) will remain available at 42,01€, and the entire CRJ 550/700/900/1000 package will set you back 58,82€. Note that these prices are without tax.

So, you’re not really saving anything by jumping straight to the full package, making it a valid choice to first buy the base pack and upgrade later to the stretched variants if you enjoyed the product. Also, the 900/1000 upgrade is not a standalone version – you need to have the 550/700 installed to use the stretched versions.

CRJ 900 1000 Aerosoft MSFS 6

CRJ-900-1000 MSFS

CRJ 900 1000 Aerosoft MSFS 4

CRJ 900 1000 Aerosoft MSFS 3

CRJ 900 1000 Aerosoft MSFS 2

Here are the listed options:

  • CRJ 550/700 – 42,01€ (plus VAT when applicable) 
  • CRJ 550/700/900/1000 – 58,82€ (plus VAT when applicable)
  • CRJ 900/1000 Upgrade – 16,80€ (plus VAT when applicable)          

Aerosoft is still unable to give a launch date for this upgrade pack, but Mathijs says they are “in the holding awaiting clearance“, which hopefully means it’s ready to go. The release is also expected to happen at the same time in the Marketplace, just like the CRJ 550/700 back in March. While we wait for further news, see here some of the available images of the 900/1000 versions.