Reno Air Races coming to MSFS on November 18th with 40 new aircraft

Two months ago, the Flight Simulator team announced a new expansion for MSFS, in celebration of the Reno Air Races, that would bring competitive multiplayer to the simulator, along with new racing planes made famous in the races. Today, the release date for the Reno Air Races expansion has been revealed, together with a bunch of new details about the whole package.

We will have to wait a full month longer, as the Reno Air Races will be available on MSFS next month, on November 18th, on schedule with the existing expectation for a release this fall. It will be available in two different packages: the Reno Air Races: Expansion Pack and the Reno Air Races: Full Collection.

Reno Air Races: Expansion Pack will be the entry point to the new online multiplayer experience, along with four highly detailed new airplanes: a North American T-6 Texan, a North American P-51 Mustang, an Aero L-39 Albatros, and an Aviat Pitts Special S1S. This entry package will be available for $19.99.

For the full experience (i.e., more airplanes) there’s the Reno Air Races: Full Collection, which provides access to the same online racing experience plus a huge collection of 40 new airplanes. In truth, these are variations of the same 4 types included in the entry package, 10 for each type. So, the Full Collection includes 10 North American P-51 Mustangs, 10 North American T-6 Texans, 10 Aero L-39 Albatros’, and 10 Aviat Pitts Special S1S, featuring many famous champions like Miss America, Strega, Voodoo, Baron’s Revenge, Radial Velocity, Six-Cat, American Spirit, and more.

Along with this news, the MSFS team released today an extensive preview of all the airplanes included in the Full Collection. While they are in fact representing “just” 4 types, they are all quite different, especially in the cockpit. Let’s see if these differences extend to the flight characteristics of each one, as they are highly customized and often come with different engines. At $59.99, the Full Collection may be an expensive Expansion pack, but the large of variety of airplanes will probably make it worth it for the Reno Air Races aficionados.

Reno Air Races will be available for both PC and Xbox users on November 18th. Check the official trailer below for a sneak-peek of what to expect next month.

Today Microsoft Flight Simulator also saw the arrival of a major platform update, Sim Update 6. Check it out to stay updated on the latest changes in the world of MSFS!