Here’s a list of issues to be fixed with next week’s Sim Update 6

Next Tuesday, October 19th, is a major update day for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Sim Update 6 will be made available across the platform, bringing with it a host of important changes, new features and bug fixes.

On the latest development update, the MSFS team revealed a list of known bugs that will be fixed based on direct community feedback from the official forums. These bugs include some problems with animations, aircraft performance and simulation issues, and other smaller nags like a persistent toolbar handle (by the way, there’s a great freeware mod that gets rid of that for good!).

The list of bugs to be fixed (directly reported by users on the forums), is as follows:

Besides this, there’s a ton more major fixes incoming, but also a host of improvements to the base platform that should appease many recent complaints. As we reported before, Sim Update 6 will give pilots the option to significantly customize the simulator’s LOD settings. A new Terrain LOD slider will allow objects to appear from further away, while trees and city night lighting will also be much improved when seen from longer distances and higher altitudes.

Sim Update 6 is coming in just a few days, so expect to see a comprehensive list of all the fixes, changes, and features by the time it goes live on October 19th. It’s the first major platform update after the controversial Sim Update 5, so let’s hope things will go smoother this time.