Orbx releases ESSB Stockholm Bromma Airport for MSFS

Acclaimed developer Marcus Nyberg, under Orbx’s umbrella, has released a new Swedish airport for MSFS. ESSB Stockholm Bromma Airport, the third busiest in Sweden, follows on other projects from the developer such as ESGG Gothenburg Landvetter Airport and ESMS Malmö Airport.

ESSB serves mostly domestic flights but is also an important hub for business jets. It’s the closest airport to Stockholm’s city center, which makes for some beautiful approaches over Sweden’s capital. The developer took advantage of this location to provide a comprehensive experience that goes beyond modeling just the airport itself, with over 100 new custom POI’s that have been added to the city, almost like a mini Landmarks City Pack.

The result is a complete package that includes a high-quality recreation of Bromma Airport and an overhaul of the stunning city of Stockholm, all to offer incoming pilots the most scenic approach possible, replicating the real-life experience. Landmarks such as the old town, Gröna Lund, Söder, Rådhuset, Djurgården and Kaknästornet can be seen in the distance.

As usual from Orbx and Marcus Nyberg, this scenery was built to the high standards that are expected for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with 4K PBR textures, hand-colored aerial imagery, a sloped runway, and overall attention to detail in order to bring this airport to life for MSFS.

ESSB Stockholm Bromma Airport is now available from Orbx Direct for around €14 | $16 | £12.

Main Features

  • Bromma Airport in exquisitely detailed 4K depiction
  • High-detailed 4K textures, with a majority featuring PBR and normal maps
  • Stockholm City with 100+ incredible POI’s, giving a lot to explore
  • Beautiful hand-coloured custom aerial imagery for the entire Stockholm city area
  • Sloped runway
  • Stunning representation of the airport surroundings with an incredible amount of detail, including the old hangar area that now serves as a shopping centre
  • Developed in collaboration with Bromma Airport management
  • Incredibly detailed 3D modelling and texturing
  • WU:5 compatible
  • By Marcus Nyberg