Top Gun: Maverick expansion for Flight Simulator delayed to May 2022

Sad news today from the Flight Simulator team, who just confirmed our suspicious from the last few days. The Top Gun: Maverick expansion will be postponed, just as the movie was this week. It’s now expected to be released for MSFS in May 2022. Here’s the official statement:

Paramount Pictures recently shifted the release date of Top Gun: Maverick to Memorial Day weekend, May 27, 2022. As we have previously announced, the Top Gun: Maverick expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 10 PC, Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass will be released alongside the movie. We look forward to sharing more information in the future.

The Flight Simulator team

After Paramount’s announcement that the new Top Gun movie was being delayed, everyone saw this coming to the Flight Simulator DLC too. After all, the plan all along was to launch the expansion alongside the movie. There will now be an additional 6 months of waiting time, if all goes well.

The Top Gun: Maverick was eagerly awaited by pilots looking to make some carrier operations. This is one of the features expected to come out with the DLC, alongside the Super Hornet. All of this for free. The goodies will now be coming much later, but thankfully there’s plenty of new upcoming content to be excited about. Stay tuned for that, as usual, by following our daily feed. We should also get some additional details about this delay very soon.

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