The distribution partnership between Orbx and Aerosoft is now in effect

A few weeks ago Aerosoft and Orbx announced a new distribution partnership that would see products from each of the companies to be available on each other’s distribution platforms. This partnership is now in effect, and you can now get a selection of Aerosoft’s addons through Orbx, and the other way around too.

With this move, customers now have the choice to get their favorite products from these two behemoths of the flight simulation world on their platform of choice. So, if you’re used to getting many of your addons from Orbx Direct, for example, you will now also be able to get a selection of Aerosoft’s addons there. This works both ways, as Orbx has now also a selection of its products available from Aerosoft’s online store.

The selection of products that is now available is expected to grow as time goes by. They include addons for all flight simulation platforms. Concerning those for Microsoft Fight Simulator, here is the stuff from Orbx that you can get through Aerosoft at this point :

EGLC London City Airport
EGNM Leeds Bradford Airport
EGNT Newcastle Airport
EGPN Dundee Airport
EGSG Stapleford Airfield
KSJC San Jose International Airport
LOWG Graz Airport
Landmarks Singapore City Pack
Landmarks Paris City Pack

And here’s what’s available now on Orbx Direct, from Aerosoft:

CRJ 550/700
East Frisian Islands
Cologne-Bonn Airport
Munich Airport
Berlin Brandenburg Airport
Trondheim Airport

Some notable options are the CRJ from Aerosoft and a couple of Orbx’s popular landmarks City Packs, but the airport selection is also quite good.

eglc msfs 13

landmarks paris msfs 03

aerosoft aircraft crj 550 700 01