Learn how to fly a missed approach procedure with Tom Carroll’s new ebook

Author Tom Carroll has a new ebook full of useful knowledge for those looking to get a better grasp on certain procedures in Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the publishing of his earlier ebook on Navigation and Flight Planning, Tom Carroll is now sharing his knowledge on the subject of Missed Approaches & Holds.

Especially dedicated to Microsoft Flight Simulator pilots, MSFS Next Level: Missed Approaches & Holds is a 77-page guide that will take you through all the necessary steps to prepare and execute a missed approach, fly a holding pattern and finally reentry for a final approach.

In the eBook, Tom Carroll explains how to interpret the missed approach briefing in Instrument Approach Procedure charts and navigate from the runway to the missed approach fix using VOR, NDB and GPS. The book provides simplified instruction on the holding pattern entry and includes flight examples of direct, teardrop and parallel entries. To finish, he demonstrates how to return to the landing approach to give it another go.

MSFS Next Level: Missed Approaches & Holds includes over 80 charts and illustrations with numerous MSFS flight examples. It may seem unnecessary to learn these steps in the comfort of your desk, where the ESC key is just a few centimeters away and you can reset your flight at any time. However, going for a realistic simulation of how things work in the real world is definitely the most rewarding way to enjoy MSFS, which makes learning about missed approaches that much more useful.

MSFS Next Level: Missed Approaches & Holds is now available for just $9 USD.