MSFS World Update VI delayed, now coming September 7th

A short update from the Flight Simulator team. The next World Update, to be dedicated to Germany, Austria and Switzerland and initially scheduled to land on August 26th, has been delayed for a couple of weeks.

There’s a new date for the launch, September 7th, a few details about the reason for the delay and what to expect from this update. The team is committed to ensuring that World Update VI reaches a high level of quality, something that is now especially important after the debacle with the release of Sim Update V, so they decided to postpone the release a little in order to polish every detail.

It’s known at this point that this update will bring significant improvements to this region in Central Europe. At least 3 cities will be upgraded with photogrammetry, with Vienna being one of them. The team has also shown their contentment with the quality of the data that is available in this region, with detailed elevation data and new aerial imagery that will make their way into the update.

World Update VI will also bring some new airports. Klagenfurt Airport (Austria), and St. Gallen–Altenrhein Airport (Switzerland) will be among them. These are being developed by Gaya Simulations, who continue to give their contribution to these updates.

As was promised earlier this month, this World Update will also include a series of fixes and new features that will address many of the complaints that emerged after SU5. These include stability fixes across the board, fixes to ATC radar altitude, new options for rendering off-screen scenery, and more. Some release notes can be read on the official post, but the full list will be released when the update comes live.

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