Orbx announces Essendon Fields Airport for MSFS

Orbx has revealed today the first preview images of Melbourne’s first airport, YMEN Essendon Fields. In a celebration of the airport’s 100th anniversary this year, Orbx is bringing to Flight Simulator this new scenery that is also the location where the studio is headquartered, in Melbourne.

2021 is a year to remember for Essendon Fields. It’s now been 100 years since this airport first started operating with its grass runways, welcoming pioneer aviators who visited several times. With a long history that eventually made it the main airport in Melbourne, to later being unable to cope with the growing demands of the aviation industry, Essendon Fields now plays a more secondary role in Melbourne’s main aviation routes, mostly handled by the newer and bigger Tullamarine Airport.

Essendon Fields naturally occupies a fond place on Orbx’s heart, so it’s fair to expect a particularly impressive rendition of this airport. The images that Orbx shared provide us with a sneak peek into what to expect, and it certainly looks very detailed and realistic, not only on the outside but also on the impressively detailed interior, which is also being nicely modeled.

Orbx Essendon Airport MSFS 9

Orbx Essendon Airport MSFS 8

Orbx Essendon Airport MSFS 7

Orbx Essendon Airport MSFS 6

Orbx Essendon Airport MSFS 5

Orbx Essendon Airport MSFS 4

Orbx Essendon Airport MSFS 3

Orbx Essendon Airport MSFS 2

According to Orbx’s product road for MSFS, we should also expect to see the Landmarks series expand to Melbourne, so it seems Australia’s second city is about to become a very enticing place to visit in Flight Simulator. Planning a flight to Melbourne, overlooking the awesome cityscape and landing at a very high-quality version of Essendon Airport should be a rather nice experience!

Orbx didn’t provide any additional details besides the announcement and a few preview images. However, there’s a promise to see more as we get closer to launch, and Orbx doesn’t usually dwell on teasing products, so stay tuned for further updates about this new Australian airport for Flight Simulator.