NMG Simulations releases Johannesburg Intl Airport for MSFS

NMG Simulations, a development team dedicated exclusively to the creation of flight simulation scenery of South Africa, has released its recreation of Africa’s busiest airport for Flight Simulator: O. R. Tambo International Airport (FAOR), in Johannesburg.

Johannesburg Airport is the largest in South Africa, serving as the primary gateway for both domestic and international flights in the country with more than 20 million served passengers each year.

Africa doesn’t get a lot of attention from third-party developers, which is a shame given the spectacular landscapes that the continent has to offer. It’s an enormous territory that is a joy to explore in Flight Simulator, so it’s great to see some developers spending some time improving the airports in the continent, even if in this case it’s a big international airport in the south of the continent.

South Africa has been a small exception indeed, with a few very interesting add-ons already available for MSFS. FSDG has recently released Cape Town International Airport, and even Orbx has something to add here, with its Cape Town Landmarks City Pack.

Johannesburg Airport MSFS 6

Johannesburg Airport MSFS 5

Johannesburg Airport MSFS 4

Johannesburg Airport MSFS 3

Johannesburg Airport MSFS 2

NMG Simulations doesn’t provide a lot of details about its recreation of Johannesburg’s airport, but they do promise highly detailed airport buildings and accurate lighting. Some of the product images are a little underwhelming though, and don’t look particularly… modern, let’s say. But let us know below if this scenery meets your expectations!

Johannesburg International Airport is now available directly from NMG Simulations for R260.00 (around $18).


Highly Detailed Airport Buildings.
Accurate Runway/Apron Lighting.
Fully AI-Traffic compatible.
Corrected layout with accurate road network and added vehicle traffic.