Orbx releases Meribel Airport and Key West International Airport for MSFS

Orbx has released two new airports for Flight Simulator, two choices that are quite different between them. Meribel Airport, located in the French Alps, and Key West International Airport, right at the southern tip of Florida.

Key West Airport (KEYW) is the bigger one here, but don’t let the ‘International’ moniker fool you. Yes, Key West does serve some airlines for domestic routes, but it’s mostly used for general aviation. It’s very interestingly located though, right at the tip of the Florida Keys and about halfway between Cuba and Miami, which should make for some very scenic flights around the region.

Orbx worked not only on the airport but also in the surrounding area, including major landmarks and hotels on the island. The airport itself has been overhauled with detailed 3D buildings and a series of ground vehicles and clutter that give any airport that realistic feeling that everyone loves.

The second release, Meribel Airport (LFKX), is a completely different beast. It’s a small airfield in the French Alps, very close to the infamous Courchevel Airport. Maribel actually provides a similar experience, with its sloped runway that is clearly inspired by its neighbor.

Orbx touts Maribel Airport as a ‘charming destination’, and we couldn’t agree more. Its location on the alpine mountains, with the short and sloped runway, is both challenging and very pleasing to fly to. The developers included many details that bring this place to life, such as ski-lifts and chalets that are characteristic of this region. Maribel will definitely challenge you, but after you land it will conquer your heart!

Key West International Airport (KEYW) and Meribel Airport (LFKX) are now available through Orbx Direct, both for just around $8.00.