The F-35 Lightning is Indiafoxtecho’s next airplane for MSFS, expected to release in July

Indiafoxtecho has revealed some details about its MSFS product roadmap for the coming months. The next airplane to be released is one that has been teased already, the highly advanced F-35 Lightning II, which is coming to life at a good pace and is now estimated to release in July.

The F-35 Lightning II family consists of some of the most advanced airplanes ever created, an absolute technological marvel that will be the backbone of the US Air Force for years to come. As one would expect, Flight Simulator is currently unable to replicate some key elements of the F-35, particularly when it comes to the advanced sensors that the aircraft uses. Therefore, Indiafoxtecho says that the F-35 will be a cool plane to fly around MSFS, but “not much more“.

These difficulties in replicating some system complexity will certainly harm the realism of the F-35, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good-looking model of the aircraft. In fact, the developers are confident in that, with the external model of the F-35A already finished and the F-35B and F-35C variants also in the works. It’s unclear right now whether the vertical take-off capabilities of the F-35B will be modeled.

The team is also developing an MSFS-native flight model, and textures are also being remastered in 8k. The great news is that the F-35 is expected to release in July, which isn’t too far of!

And after the F-35, there’s more!

While Indiafoxtecho is aiming to release the F-35 next, there are other airplanes in the pipeline. One of them is the M-346, which we’ve seen before. Development here seems to be moving forward more slowly, but the team is aiming for an October 2021 release.

Finally, there’s the Sukhoi Su-31, which is now being upgraded to a more serious project. Initially, the Su-31 was intended to be an experimental project, a means to test some features and flight dynamics in MSFS. Now, however, due to positive feedback, Indiafoxtecho will take this project more seriously and release the Su-31 as a fully-featured aerobatic airplane. There’s no estimated release date for this one yet, but we would aim for a date somewhere by the end of the year.

In the end, Indiafoxtecho continues heavily invested in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, assuming a serious position as prolific third-party developers of airplanes for MSFS. Remember, they have already released three very good and interesting machines: the Long-EZ, the Aermacchi MB-339 and the T-45C Goshawk (this one in a partnership with MilViz).