Aerosoft releases Berlin Brandenburg Airport for Flight Simulator

After some early previews, Aerosoft released today their recreation of Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport (EDDB) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Brandenburg is a brand new international airport that has replaced other surrounding and older airports that served the German capital. One of them, Tegel Airport, is actually recreated for MSFS by Gaya Simulations.

Brandenburg is infamous for its very long construction delays. The inauguration in 2020 followed almost 30 years after planning started, and 14 years since construction began on the site. But now it’s finally ready, both in real-life and in MSFS.

Aerosoft’s recreation of this location covers both the new Brandenburg airport and also Schönefeld, which had large parts of its infrastructure incorporated into the new airport.

Brandenburg is an excellent location to base Aerosoft’s very own CRJ, flying throughout the region or taking the opportunity for some longer flights across Europe.

Being Aerosoft’s largest airport yet for MSFS, it’s a great showcase of the studios abilities with all the great new technologies that are available in the new sim. You will find highly accurate, high-quality buildings of all sorts, from the terminals, hangars and other facilities to the accurate taxiways and apron layouts.

Besides the airport itself, Aerosoft created a detailed elevation profile throughout the whole scenery, blending it perfectly with with the photorealistic surroundings.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport is now available through Aerosoft’s online store, for just around 20€.

aerosoft airport ber 18
aerosoft airport ber 18
aerosoft airport ber 10
aerosoft airport ber 10
aerosoft airport ber 03
aerosoft airport ber 03
aerosoft airport ber 02
aerosoft airport ber 02


  • Features a highly accurate recreation of Berlin-Schönefeld & Berlin Brandenburg Airport (EDDB, BER)
  • Brand new highly detailed government terminal with reception area for the German Capital’s government VIP’s including presidents, premier ministers, kings and queens
  • Highly detailed models of airport terminals, hangars, buildings and other airport facilities
  • Accurate taxiway, apron and stands layout (including the brand-new taxiway G, taxiway C extension, apron 3B and more)
  • Custom aerial image covering the airport bounds and close vicinity
  • Detailed terminals and aprons with realistic illumination using the latest material techniques
  • Detailed terrain elevation data lets you feel almost every tiny slope that is there in real world when taxiing (e.g., taxiways tilted sideways for sewage reasons)
  • Photorealistic building and ground textures
  • Custom animated jetways
  • Custom taxiway signage
  • Realistic night time dynamic lighting
  • New Terminal 2 and other buildings recently constructed
  • One of the first add-ons to use the advanced new MSFS airport lighting system for taxiways with custom made models for this airport
  • VFR scenery surroundings like Waltersdorf shopping complex, autobahn flyovers, bridges and more bring the surrounding scenery to life
  • Notes:
    • Functional Safegates (VDGS) will be integrated as soon as there is a reliable technical solution by the MSFS SDK
    • After installation, please select “Schönefeld / EDDB” as long as MSFS hasn’t updated to the airport’s new name