Aerosoft releases Chania Airport for MSFS

Aerosoft has released a new airport for Flight Simulator, this time on the Greek island of Crete. Chania Airport (LGSA) is an interesting hybrid airfield, serving both as a civilian infrastructure and as a military airbase for the Hellenic Air Force.

Chania Airport serves as the main gateway for tourism in western Crete, while the bigger Heraklion Airport serves the eastern section of the island. With around 3 million passengers per year, Chania gets seasonal traffic from many European airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet, among many others.

Aerosoft and developer Emmanuel Stefanakis recreate here Chania Airport with a realistic depiction of the airport layout and buildings, with highly detailed custom objects and textures. The scenery is updated to the latest real-world changes, which include new walkways in front of the terminal.

Additional, you will find improved vegetation both in and around the airport, as well as the main landmarks surrounding the area.

For additional immersion, there’s also animated elements such as flags, apron vehicles, windsocks, etc.

Chania Airport by Aerosoft is now available for around 20€.

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