Freeware Airbus A330 released for MSFS, by Project Mega Pack

After much anticipation, the freeware Airbus A330 for Flight Simulator, by Project Mega Pack, is finally available again!

The Project Mega Pack team, led by Clink123, have released the new version of the A330-300, with an accurate external model and functional cockpit.

Consider this a work in progress, but many things seem surprisingly functional, especially considering that many of the systems come from the A320neo. There’s some high hopes from the team to hopefully make the A330’s simulation as deep as possible. Updates will be frequent!

The promise here from the Project Mega Pack team is to provide a free aircraft that matches the real-world performance of the A330 as closely as possible, with the addition of some niceties such an door and gear animations, realistic sounds, and more.

There are, however, two caveats at this point. The most flagrat is the incompatibility with FlyByWire’s A32NX: you can’t have both in your Community folder, otherwise the A330 won’t work. The team is hopeful that, in the future, you can fly the A330 with the A32NX installed, but that’s not possible at this time. However, your A32NX will work fine in either case.

There’s a possible workaround for this incompatibility, by installing this unofficial mod that should fix the issue. Your mileage may vary!

There’s also no SimBrief support, so stop being lazy and create your own flight plans!

If you’re looking for liveries, there’s also a livery pack just for the A330, available here. Additional liveries are as usual available at

Everyone is encouraged to contribute with feedback that can help improve the aircraft. We highly encourage you to join the Mega Pack discord channel, it’s the best place to talk about the airplane, get help from the team, and overall join this amazing community that has given us so many nice things for free.

For your convenience, we are sharing below the direct download link, so you can get your hands on the A330 as quickly as possible.

(link not working? Leave a comment below and we will update it immediately!)

Main features:
– Fully custom, built-from-scratch A330-300 model with over 4 months of work with fully custom PBR based textures
– Semi-custom Cockpit including custom windows, throttles, engine starters, lighting, MCDU changes, and buttons
– Custom RR 700 engines and sounds provided by ftsim+
– True to life flight dimensions and characteristics, to be continually improved in future updates

Known issues:
– Mouse-controlled spoilers and reversers do not work; use keybinds or peripherals to control them
– Rubber on sidestick is wrong (black, should be blue)
– No icing or wingflex yet
– Rudder is too sensitive
– Invalid MCDU approach speed data
– Throttle quadrant zone bugs (these will be fixed in our next update)