You can finally replay your flights in MSFS thanks to FlightControlReplay, now available!

It’s probably the most requested feature in MSFS, and Asobo has confirmed it will be coming to the sim in a future update, but the truth is, right now, there’s no built-in way to record and replay your flights. That changes now though, with the release of FlightControlReplay, a neat little tool that will surely bring joy to many simmers!

The first thing you will notice with FlightControlReplay is that the interface looks a bit… old-fashioned. There’s some Windows Media Player vibes here, but that’s not the most important. What matters is that FlightControlReplay allows you to record the last 2 minutes of your flights, and then go back, replay your performance from any camera, and even resume control from a previous time to better shoot that landing. Pretty much everything we’ve ever wanted in MSFS.

FlightControlReplay isn’t just useful for its replaying capabilities, but also because it’s a full fledged video recorder that actually employs some techniques to output smooth mp4 videos, even if your performance is less than ideal.

Overall, FlightControlReplay works great and delivers on its promises. For around $20, you’ll surely think that you’re paying for something that should be included in MSFS, but the added features may justify the investment.