Build your own MSFS home cockpit with the help of SkyElite, a web-based EFIS PFD system

If you’re considering possible ways to enhance your experience while flying in Flight Simulator, SkyElite may be a good choice to keep in mind. It effectively expands your aircraft instruments beyond your computer screen, allowing you to control your plane from any web-connected screen.

SkyElite works as an external app, running on a browser, from where you can control many of the aircraft systems: autopilot, radios, engines, lights, navigation and more. And the great thing is that it can run on the same PC you’re using for Flight Simulator, but also on a secondary computer, Android tablet, iPad, etc.

It’s a great way to simulate a glass-cockpit at home, with many possible configurations limited only by your imagination. You can have a bunch of screens, one running a moving map, the other with the light switches, a third one with the flight plan, and so on. SkyElite promises to be a powerful and flexible way to easily build something that resembles a home cockpit. And for an accessible price!

Note that SkyElite works independently from your aircraft instruments. It’s not a remote control for something like the G1000, but rather an independent set of screens that connect directly to the flight systems.

SkyElite is now available from Aerosoft’s store for just around 18€, currently enjoying a 25% discount over the 24€ base price. You’ll be happy to know that there’s a fully functional demo that you can try for free, which you can test and see if it meets your expectations and works with the airplanes you use. The developers, 4FlightSims, promise regular updates that will bring support to additional airplanes in the future.