Jomsom Airport VNJS (Nepal) is another excellent freeware airport by Sergio Del Rosso

We’re quickly becoming great fans of the work of Sergio Del Rosso, an independent developer who’s been creating some very interesting and surprisingly high quality airports. We’ve recently featured his work with Saint Moritz Airport, and now it’s time to introduce you to this little gem that is Jomson Airport, in Nepal, a place that will challenge your skills!

Jomson Airport (VNJS) sits at the heart of the Himalayas, nested between some of the tallest mountains in the world. At an elevation of almost 10.000 feet, it poses a series of challenges that will test the skills of any serious pilot. The only way to get here is through the Kali Gandhi River gorge, navigating world-famous peaks like Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. And when you arrive at Jomsom, surrounded by the high terrain of the Himalayas, you better land that plane straight on, as going-around or turning into the southerly winds will have you performing some tight, dangerous turns at the end of the gorge. And that’s if visibility allows you to fly there in the first place, which is rare!

Sergio’s work here is as good as many payware airports, really. Accurate, very detailed, very good quality, up to the sloped runway. An easy recommendation!