Feeling lonely during your flights? This free mod adds a copilot to the seat next to you!

Do you sometimes look to the seat next to you (in Flight Simulator, of course), and think that you’d feel less lonely if there was someone right there in the cockpit accompanying you during your flights? If the answer is ‘yes’, then this free copilot mod for MSFS is for you!

It can sometimes feel weird when you’re out and about, maybe even cruising at 40.000 feet, and realise that your copilot is nowhere to be found. Or maybe you’re just looking to show a friend that really cool view over the mountains as the sun sets on the horizon, flying between some puffy Spring clouds.

Copilot cockpit mods msfs tbm

Fortunately, you can now let go of that loneliness and have a real polygon friend everywhere you go in MSFS. Thanks to the work of Mugz over at flightsim.to, you can now have a copilot in each and every cockpit of the default aircraft in MSFS (from the Standard edition). And, if like us, you’re a great fan of FlyByWire’s A32NX, there’s a copilot for that too!

This is one of those perfect simple mods that just does one thing and does it well. It makes you wonder why wasn’t this already possible in MSFS. After all, you can see the pilot (you) and copilot in the external views, just not inside the cockpit.

But there’s more! There’s an additional free mod that goes perfect with it: the pilot character mod, which adds 24 additional casual pilots, female pilots and airline pilots to the list of default pilot avatars. Isn’t this perfect? Enjoy your new friends!