FranceVFR releases VFR Obstacles & Landmarks for Flight Simulator

FranceVFR have released a massive object pack for MSFS, completely dedicated to the experience of flying using visual flight rules in French territory. Called ‘Obstacles & VFR Landmarks‘, this release from FranceVFR cover the entire country with a staggering 500.000 landmarks, including all the obstacles identifies by the SIA (Service for Aeronautical Information).


It’s an impressive piece of work that will surely delight those who like to fly low over the beautiful French landscapes. With this pack you will be able to identify a huge number of visual references, which include radio and TV antennas, water towers, lighthouses, thousands of religious buildings and wind turbines, and a specially impressive list of 350.000 power towers, which represent the entire High and Very High voltage network in France.


It’s an ambitious release that aims to provide a definite benchmark of how obstacles and landmarks can be implemented in MSFS for VFR navigation. And besides the usefulness in all of this, it’s undeniable that they add a lot of visual flair to the scenery, helping to create a much more immersive and realistic experience when flying. Let’s hope we can eventually enjoy a similar experience all over the world!

France VFR Obstacles & VFR Landmarks is now available for €39.90.


Main Features:

More than 4.000 barriers identifies by SIA, including:

  • 1,000 radio and television antennas, telecommunications towers
  • 1,000 microwave towers and telecom relays
  • 200 aero-cooling towers, industrial chimneys and flares
  • 1,500 water towers
  • 130 marine lighthouses
  • churches
  • large bridges and viaducts
  • the entire nuclear and thermal power plant fleet

Included obstacles and landmarks

  • 350,000 power towers with markings in the vicinity of airports, representing all the High Voltage and Very High Voltage overhead networks
  • 3,000 processing stations excluding VAT
  • 8,500 wind turbines
  • 65,000 churches, cathedrals, basilicas, chapels and religious buildings
  • 55,000 agricultural greenhouses
  • 11,000 water towers
  • 16,000 agricultural bonded elevators
  • 12,000 industrial tanks
  • 14,000 antennas
  • 3,500 pylon ski lift/cable car