Airbus A321-200 Liveries Mega Pack for Flight Simulator

If you’ve been enjoying the freeware Airbus A321 from the Mega Pack team, you are probably eager to try some liveries to go along with it. Thankfully, livery designers quickly got to work and we already have the first version of the A321 Liveries Mega Pack!

Thanks to the work of Miggle and JNK, you can now get a series of great quality liveries of some of the most well known airliners in the world like British Airways, Lufthansa, Delta Airlines, Easyjet, and more. There’s 11 in total at this time, but more will be added in the future as new creations roll in.

Airbus A321 liveries MSFS

Go ahead and check some of our own screenshots to see how some of them look! If you’re a creator or need some kind of support, make sure to check the official Discord, where you can get all the info about the Mega Pack team and their creations.

As usual, to install this livery pack just hit the direct download button below and unzip the file into your Community Folder.