Meadowbank Gold Mine and Airfield for Flight Simulator

Looking for a remote location to fly to and escape from the busy everyday life? Maybe even to look for some gold and get rich in the process? Look no further than today’s featured freeware scenery, the Canadian Meadowbank Gold Mine and Airfield, a personal project from Guillaume Chatelain who kindly shared his work with us.

The Meadowbank Gold Mine is located in the Kivalliq district of Nunavut, Canada, and it’s so remote that you can feel the chilling breeze of the arctic. Hundreds of workers live there, served by a nearby small airfield that is privately owned by the mine operator.


In Flight Simulator, the airfield exists (ICAO: CMB2), but other than that there’s nothing of interest with the place. This changes dramatically with this freeware scenery! The airport now has a tower, some support buildings and static aircraft even, while the surrounding area is shaped to match the open pit configuration of the real mine, together with several cranes and other mining machinery. There’s even a big boat that adds some great drama to the whole view.

This rather bland places becomes quite an interesting visit with this scenery, with it’s alien-like landscape full of patches of water and the industrial look of the mining equipment. Definitely worth a look if you’re in for some adventure!