Chicago Landmarks for MSFS released by Drzewiecki Design

Drzewiecki Design has been releasing Landmark packs for Flight Simulator since its release. Washington, Moscow and Seattle already got the attention of the developer with the addition of countless custom buildings that greatly improve each city’s scenery. Now it’s Chicago’s turn see its cityscape augmented with the addition of roughly two thousand custom made buildings and objects.

Cleverly merged with the default photogrammetry, Drzewiecki Design‘s work includes marinas, rail yards, bridges and stadiums, with dedicated daylight and night textures. Chicago’s downtown was also obviously overhauled, completely custom-made for added realism.

This landmark pack will be a great addition to all of those who enjoy flying around the city, or are looking for a particularly realistic view when departing or arriving at O’Hare International Airport. After all, Chicago is one of America’s most important cities, and its airport is one of the busiest in the world.

‘Chicago Landmarks for MSFS’ is now available for just $18.69.

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