Get this gorgeous XCub livery inspired by Felipe Pantone’s INTR3P1D design

Felipe Pantone wowed us all a couple of months ago with his incredible livery design for the Cub Crafters XCub. Entitled INTR3P1D, this livery adopted Pantone’s signature design identity, a mix between feelings of an analog past and a digitized future. The result was a dashing look that we immediately wished could be replicated in Flight Simulator’s XCub in the future.

Well, it didn’t take long. Thanks to the excellent work from SmearyGrain, you can now download this Pantone XCub livery for free and enjoy it in MSFS. While not an exact replica (the original design is more complex and detailed), it completely feels like a faithfully reproduction of the designer’s work, with the overall colors, gradients and shapes all there.

It’s definitely an intrepid design, totally original, totally out there, waiting to be seen. We think it fits the simulator perfectly and is our favorite livery in any aircraft currently available in MSFS. You will love it!

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