FSDreamTeam releases Zurich Airport for MSFS

FSDreamTeam has released one of their most popular existing airports for MSFS: Zurich Airport (LSZH), the largest international airport in Switzerland and the main gateway to the whole country, due to its extremely good surface connectivity.

This MSFS-ready version of the airport was completely rebuilt using high resolution textures, and includes some MSFS niceties like sloped runways and animated people.

Interestingly, Zurich Airport is also under development by Gaya Simulations, so it will be interesting to compare both versions and see who has done it better!

LSZH is available for the low price of $9.99 and should be available in the MSFS Marketplace soon.

Main Features:

  • Every object made using 100% PBR, with most textures in 4K.
  • Photoreal background image, from a recent flight ( end of 2019 ), from a very high resolution image from the official Swissimage source
  • Very accurate ground markings
  • Fully Dynamic lighting, with hundreds of light sources individually placed, for a spectacular night flight experience.
  • Most buildings remodeled in higher detail, for 5x more polygons.
  • Highly detailed custom jetways.
  • Sloped runways, with accurate altitude profiles.
  • Rega base with highly detailed helicopter models.
  • Animated people on Observation Deck