Miss Istambul Airport in MSFS? Download this free airport scenery!

If you’ve been thinking about visiting Istambul in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you may be surprised that the city’s main airport, LTFM, is nowhere to be seen. It’s a glaring omission in the simulator, but thankfully there is a free alternative: Hayri Buberci, Mali Oguducu converted their depiction of the airport from X-Plane into MSFS, thus fixing the “mistake”.

While still very much a work in progress, with some areas missing and duplicate buildings filling some spaces, it still serves most simmers very well.

Some things to fix include Taxiway H, of which there are no satellite imagery available, limited ATC routes (only available for runways), and some texture problems. Nonetheless, it fills a gaping hole with a very good quality and FREE addon scenery.