Generate random failures in MSFS with RandFailuresFS2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator is not only an excellent entertainment platform, but can also be used for training in a variety of situations. Navigation, aircraft procedures, landings and approaches, there’s a huge variety of things that even real pilots can take advantage of and train for real world situations.

One of the situations where a simulator can be particularly useful is in setting up circumstances that would otherwise be quite dangerous. For instance, to develop your training skills in case of serious aircraft malfunction, is there a better way than in the comfort of your home? That’s where RandFailuresFS2020 comes to play. This new and free addon can generate a variety of failures that will test your skills and challenge you to survive in the virtual world of MSFS.

Created by Mateusz Godziek, this simple and easy-to-use app improves on the limited failure functionality within MSFS. With it, you can randomize in-flight failures, test your skills in detecting them, and then find a way to circumvent them and, if necessary, get back to ground safely. Failures range from avionics shutdown, gear failures, fuel leaks, engine failures, and much more. These can be set to happen within a timeframe or at a random altitude, with a variable probability of happening.

Everything is very easy to setup: download and extract the app, run it, connect with MSFS and setup failures as you like. Then just fly and test yourself. Will you be able to land your aircraft in an urban center with no engine? Or with no airspeed indicators?

There’s some cool smoke effects in some cases, and the developer is working on adding more in the future. Sound effects are also planned (short circuits, bird strikes, etc.), but depend on SDK features and future improvements.

RandFailuresFS2020 is available from GitHub.

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