Orbx announces Volanta, a personal flight tracker

Orbx has announced a brand new product, quite different from the usual scenery/airports addons we are mostly used to see from the team. This new product, Volanta, aims to be an easy to use smart flight tracker that integrates all your flight data across all major sims.

At Volanta’s core is the automatic tracking of all flight data, without user input. The system will intelligently detected all the data and fill the corresponding fields within the app. This data will be completely integrated in a high quality map, that will be a crucial component of the whole experience.

The end goal is to give simmers an extra motivation to fly, using all the flight data to challenge themselves and progress in a virtual world that is shared with other users. All this data will also be accessible through mobile devices.

Here are the key features:

  • Automatically track your flights in all major simulators, on all operating systems
  • Fun and fresh challenges to complete
  • Regular giveaways from Orbx and selected partners for active pilots
  • Performance focused. Super fast application on every page
  • Detailed GPU rendered map with advanced filtering options tailored to aviation
  • Unlimited flight storage and retrieval
  • Detailed statistics for aircraft, airports and routes
  • Generate a flight plan with SimBrief, or import one you’ve already made
  • Keep up with your friends flying activity and view detailed statistics
  • Security focused. Adjust who can search for you, see your flight history, or see you on the map. TOTP multi-factor authentication supported.
  • Access your flights from anywhere in the world via the web and mobile
  • Connect with Navigraph to see up-to-date navdata on the map
  • And more… keep reading to see detailed information

For further details about Volanta (and there are many), make sure to read the full announcement on Orbx forums. There’s a lot of details!

As for pricing, Volanta’s core features will always be free, but some new premium features will be added at a later stage.

If Volanta looks like an interesting new app for you, make sure to also check the many other utilities already available that add some very interesting features to MSFS.

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