FlyTampa announces Sint Marteen’s airport for MSFS

Princess Juliana International Airport (TNCM) is a world famous airport in the island of Saint Martin/Sint Marteen, in the Caribbean. Its extreme proximity with the shore and the beach have generated enormous tourist attraction, looking for the experience of feeling an aircraft landing mere feet above their heads.

While the airport is represented in MSFS in decent quality, there’s always room for improvement. That’s what FlyTampa is promising, with an upcoming release of their custom-made airport from the old days of FS9. FlyTampa has been created countless airports for flight simulation over the years, and is now expected to release their second airport for MSFS with Princess Juliana Intl, after Copenhagen a little more than a month ago.

There’s very little details right now, other than two images from the terminal, and no release date has been announced. We will keep an eye on this and let you know once we know more about this new product from FlyTampa!

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