Get a more realistic Monument Valley with this free scenery mod (updated!)

Monument Valley has been featured in so many forms of media in the last decades that it has become a synonym of the American West, and a true icon of American cultural imagery. Sadly, when it comes to Microsoft Flight Simulator, the scenery leaves a lot to be desired: the overall rock shapes are there, but completely rounded and lacking detail. Not very impressive.

Thankfully, the freeware community saw the opportunity to improve the scenery in this particular location, and now we have a mod created by Jeppeson2001 that greatly improves this incredible spot. While still a work in progress, this Monument Valley mod brings much improved textures to the famous sandstone buttes, with a high level of detail.

monument valley msfs 3

Whilst the sandstone buttes are depicted in their warm red colours, there is a stark contrast with the default scenery, so Jeppeson2001 will also be uploading a version in which the colour blends better with the rest of the scenery, so you can take your pick.

The latest version, v2.0 expandes the scenery in all directions with much improved color correction and blending with the surrounding ground textures.

All in all, an excellent improvement over the default scenery and a must-have if you enjoy flying around this beautiful area.

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