Aermacchi MB-339 release is near!


The MB-339 from Indiafoxtecho is one of the most anticipated aircraft releases for MSFS at this time. It comes from a well loved developer and is unique in that is probably going to be the first military jet available for Flight Simulator, having been fully developed using the new technologies available in MSFS.

Dino Cattaneo from Indiafoxtechno just posted an update regarding current progress for this aircraft, where he says that they are very close to reaching the quality level that he’s comfortable with, and a final build may be ready for the next weekend!

As we’ve told you before, we can expect two versions of this aircraft. The upcoming release will be a “Lite” version, with a low price – around 15€. Later, there will be a Pro version, created up to “study level” standards, with complete system simulation and a very advanced flight model.

For now, checkout the latest screenshots of this beautiful aircraft. It’s looking seriously impressive, so stay tuned for further news about the release!