Salty Simulations excellent 747-8 Mod updated to v0.1.0

Salty’s 747-8 Mod is one of the most impressive community mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with the goal of improving the default 747 into a more realistic and functional aircraft. It’s a similar goal to FlyByWire’s A320NX, but this time for the Queen of the Skies.

After a well received initial release, this mod was now updated to v0.1.0, which already considers Asobo’s updates to the aircraft from the latest MSFS update. There are several improvements over the default 747, like a funcional IRS knobs, several functional EICAS pages, and more. There’s even improved winglex.

Here’s the changelog for v0.1.0:

[IRS] IRS knobs functional
[IRS] IRS alignment
[IRS] IRS alignment affects PFD and ND realistically
[EICAS] Added fully functional DRS synoptic page
[EICAS] Added fully functional FCTL synoptic page
[EICAS] Added fully functional ELEC synoptic page
[EICAS] Added semi-functional STAT synoptic page
[PFD] Adjusted PFD colors to more closely match real life
[ND] Wind and TAS no longer display under 100kts
[FMC] Added “Salty Options” page (Should be moved to EFB in the future)
[FMC] Added IRS instant align option
[FMC] VSpeeds are now correctly calculated
[FMC] VSpeeds now reset appropriately
[FMA] FMA HOLD mode now properly displays when TOGA is pressed
[FMA] FMA no longer displays anything when A/T and FD are off
[FUEL] Improved fuel consumption rate
[FUEL] Changed fuel tank priority to more closely match the real aircraft
[AIRCOND] Aircond knobs funtional
[LIGHTS] Fixed taxi light bleeding into cockpit and remaining lit after gear is up
[FLIGHT MODEL] Adjusted Wingflex

Any question? Hit the team’s Discord channel!