Gaya Simulations announces Florence LIRQ airport

Gaya Simulations has been pouring out some really great airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator, like Vienna International Airport and Berlin Tegel Airport, and there’s one more in the pipeline. This time it will be the beautiful city of Florence and its airport to get the attention of the thoughtful people at Gaya Simulations.

Florence is a world famous city at the hearth of one Italy’s most revered regions: Tuscany. Its airport, Firenze Peretola Airport (LIRQ), is very close to the city center, which provides some really stunning views over the historic city when departing or arriving. It’s also, obviously, a gorgeous place to slowly fly across in a scenic VFR flight.

Here are the main features:

– A details-focused rendition of Florence Airport (LIRQ).
– Fully optimised for ultra-smooth performance.
– Includes custom animations. 
– Many custom-made POIs in and around the airport. 
– Proximity to the historic Renaissance centre of Florence.
– High-quality 3D assets dotted around the city for an ultra-realistic experience.
– Incredible yet challenging approach bordered by the nearby Monte Morello.
– Central location in Italy, in the heart of Tuscany.

Firenze Peretola Airport will be coming soon via Orbx Central and the MSFS Marketplace.

The screenshots below are beautiful and we can only expect another high quality airport from Gaya Simulations.