ATSimulations will bring the Piaggio P.149 to MSFS soon

The italian-built Piaggio P.149 is coming to Flight Simulator, in a release by ATSimulations. Currents owners of the FSX/P3D version can get a discount for the MSFS version.

The P.149 was developed in the 50’s, and was mostly used by the German Air Force as a training and utility aircraft.

ATSimulations didn’t reveal much about the upcoming release, other than it’s a “work in progress”. What we do know is that the FSX/P3D version was well received by the community, with a well done interior and exterior model and all sounds recorded from a real plane.

Looks like Italy’s aircraft are getting a good representation in MSFS. We’ve already written about the also upcoming Aermacchi M-339 and M-346, and now there’s the Piaggio P.149. Which one is going to be released first? Stay tuned and we will let you know! For now, the P.149 screenshots: