Control your aircraft in MSFS with this iPad and Android app

Remote Virtual Cockpit (RVC) is an application for iPad and Android tablets that enables the control of multiple aircraft functionalities and the visualization of flight data in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

RVC allows you to control through your tablet many of the most common aircraft controls, like electrical components (batteries, avionics, etc), engine start-up, control surfaces (flaps, trim, brakes), autopilot settings, radio frequencies, among other settings particular to each supported aircraft. There’s even a map where you can see you current position, and it can be set to show a satellite view of the terrain. All in real-time!

There are currently 2 aircraft supported for Flight Simulator: the Cessna 172 and the TBM 930, but the developer is also working on releasing the app for the Cessna 152 and the Diamond DA62.

Setup is extremely straightforward: just install the RVC Server app on your computer and open it to see what is your IP. Then, on the iPad or Android app, set the IP address on the Home panel, press connect, and you are ready to go!

  • msfs c172 panel1
  • msfs c172 panel3
  • msfs c172 panel5
  • msfs tbm 930 panel2

We’ve tested both the 172 and the TBM apps, and they work surprisingly well. Connection is instantaneous (just remember to have MSFS running with the correct aircraft loaded before connecting). Both apps support almost all of the controls of each aircraft, and they work instantly.

The interface is very appealing, with realistic graphics, numbers and control wheels. There are different panels to control the Engine, Navigation and Radios. Tuning a radio frequency or setting an autopilot altitude is quite easy and intuitive with RVC: just use your finger to rotate each dial. Adds to the immersion too! If you are looking to improve your flight experience this is a great way to do so!

Right now there’s an $4.99 app for each aircraft. We think a better idea would be to have an universal app, with in-app purchases for each aircraft, in order to reduce clutter and keep things organized.

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