Flight Simulator Emergency: train for emergencies in MSFS

Here’s an interesting new free tool. Thomas from tom-it.nl felt that the “Failures” feature in Flight Simulator was a little limited, and decided to create an alternative tool with more flexibility.

As a student pilot in real life, Thomas wanted to practice emergency failures without knowing when they would happen, which isn’t possible with the built-in “Failures”, which have to be set with a timer. Besides that, he also wanted failures to be somewhat random, so that he wouldn’t know what emergency he would eventually be facing. And that’s how Emergency Failures was born. You can set an altitude range where the failure may start (say, between 10000 and 20000 ft), and what type of failures you want the app to generate. Then take off… and prepare for the worse!

This a free tool, but you’ll have to fill a form on the website in order to get a download link, and provide your email in the process. The dev promises it will only use your email to send you updates about new versions of the app, but take it with a grain of salt.

Download link not working? Comment below, we will help!

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