FS Academy announces “Voyager” mission pack for MSFS: 7 VFR Bush Trips

FS Academy has a history of creating mission packs for the different flight simulator in the market, and is now developing a similar product for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Simply called “Voyager”, this new product consists of 7 VFR bush flying trips for MSFS, taking inspiration from the default Challenges included in the sim to expand this experience to further locations on our world.

FS Academy says these trips have been created by a real pilot, authentically planned and complete with visual waypoints and navlog. The trips include iconic locations like NYC, Niagara Falls, Swiss Alps – Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon, The Gold Coast, Sydney Harbour, Canary Islands, among others.

“Voyager” will be available soon, according to the developer, who claim to be waiting for an update to the SDK mission section in order to complete the final steps of production. Release date and pricing to be announced.